For converting PDFs to Word or other formats, there is a wide range of software or programmes available. However, there aren’t many applications available for editing and searching text and characters. Only optical character recognition (OCR) technology can accomplish this. OCR is an AI tool that reads and extracts text from non-editable content, such as photographs, turning it into editable text.

Few tools are available that offer features like OCR, as we just discussed. Even if some programmes include this function, it may be too pricey or beyond your means. For this reason, we’ve chosen to create a post about a budgeting tool with an OCR capability, allowing you to edit your scanned PDF documents and photographs. UPDF is unquestionably the best option here. Dispute settled!



Why UPDF is the Best PDF Converter

Before moving on, you must be aware of the qualities to look for in a PDF converter. There are several PDF converter programmes accessible, but how do you pick the best one? Considering the converter’s promised features and qualities will help you choose the best converter.

Make careful to read the following features of the specific software or application before choosing a PDF converter:

  • Dispel any worries you may have about price options and check to see if they have the right conversion formats for your needs.
  • The following ones must be present in the output format:
    • converting PDF files to Office formats (Word,Excel, CSV, PowerPoint)
    • Create image files from PDFs (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF)
    • PDF to Text (Text, RTF) Conversion
    • PDF to HTML and XML conversion
  • The output layout must match the original file exactly.
  • OCR technology must be a part of the application. If you consider the standards of today, this aspect is vital.
  • Large PDF files should be handled by the application without slowing it down in any way.

UPDF possesses each of the aforementioned qualities. UPDF is only a PDF converter, but it also lets you edit and annotate PDF files. Furthermore, it is impossible to find a single tool that can edit and convert PDF files.



UPDF is More Than a PDF Converter

UPDF is more than just a PDF converter, as the name suggests. As an added benefit, it supports the following features:


Edit PDF Text: 

UPDF is a user-friendly PDF converter and editor that also allows you to alter already-existing PDF files. Note: Without a specialised tool, PDFs cannot be altered. Multiple devices are present in this application. Your PDFs will be simple for you to edit and convert. Importing documents is as simple as a few clicks, allowing you to alter your document at will.

Your papers can be quickly modified with UPDF, including the addition of fresh content and the removal of outmoded content. The text’s attributes, including font, size, colour, style, and typeface, can also be edited.

The application also allows you to alter the photographs. UPDF is more than just a PDF converter, as we previously stated.



Read & Annotate PDF

Additionally, you can select the layout that best suits your reading style. There are several viewing options supported by UPDF, including single-page view, single-page scrolling, two-page view, and two-page scrolling. You can improve your reading experience by utilising these view modes.

Numerous additional capabilities, like as annotation, can also be used to refer to content inside the portable format and provide context-specific feedback. You can achieve the following by utilising this functionality in UPDF:

  • Your PDF documents can have comments added to them. You can also highlight, underline, or strikeout text. Sticky notes and stickers can also be added to your documents.
  • In UPDF, there are more than a hundred different types of stamps and stickers. Additionally, you can make unique stamps.
  • E-signaturing and shapes utilised to show off the graphical presentations are additional components.


Organize PDF Pages

For people who regularly encounter disorganised PDF documents, UPDF may be a wise alternative. The PDF pages can be instantly rearranged or reordered by dragging and dropping the thumbnails to the desired location. Additionally, you can extract, compress, split, and add additional pages to a PDF document.


Password Protect PDF

With the exception of some PDF editors, any PDF file may be locked and unlocked using a PDF editor. One of the PDF editors and readers that offers the ability to password-protect your documents is UPDF. You can safeguard your documents with two different password schemes: “Permission Password” and “Document Open.”



In conclusion, OCR is one of the most cutting-edge and widely applied technologies. If your PDF editor has an OCR converter, you’re lucky. Because UPDF possesses everything needed in the modern world, we advise using it. Instead, if you were to compare UPDF to other PDF solutions like Adobe Acrobat DC, Foxit Reader, etc., none of them would be as affordable. Otherwise, it’s up to you!


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