A top-notch free chat website is txt.me. This solution has omnichannel compatibility, so you can integrate it with third-party applications like WhatsApp.


Small and large enterprises of all sizes need this product. This chat can be added to a small business’ landing page to assist heavily trafficked websites run by big businesses.


Why txt.me is Needed

Because it may be used to accomplish numerous objectives simultaneously, this free live chat for websites is multifunctional. The top three are:


  • retaining consumer loyalty through communication;
  • obtaining potential customers’ contact information; 
  • putting sales funnels into action.


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Key txt.me Features



Any business that has a website should integrate chat since it will provide it access to various tools that make communicating with clients easier.


Teams can gather emails from their clients on Txt.me and store them in one location. Even when multiple mailing methods are used by customers, there is no need to look for letters.

Integration with WhatsApp is another aspect of omnichannel marketing. The website’s chat feature enables messaging with this app. As a result, businesses are free to get in touch with customers under any conditions.


Another technique to facilitate the conversation is through offline communication. A user can carry on communicating with the business via email even after leaving the company’s website.


It is possible to send various documents, regardless of how a team uses this chat widget on a website. Text, image, and video files are all supported.


Reasons to Select txt.me


There are other alternatives to txt.me, despite the fact that it offers access to many services. Thus, why choose this tool? The main justification is that it genuinely cares about its clients. Even late at night, support managers will resolve any issues customers have with the chat in a matter of minutes.


All communications are carefully examined because actual people are working on them, which helps to increase response time and improve service quality.


Where to Install txt.me

All businesses can utilize Txt.me because it can be integrated into a variety of platforms. Since it’s an HTML chatbox, users can easily edit some details by copying and pasting the code onto their websites.


Working with a CMS makes everything more simpler for a business. Sites built using Tilda, WiX, WiziShop, SquareSpace, and other platforms can incorporate this chat.


All the functionalities of txt.me may also be utilized by users of a Google Tag Manager application. The provided code can be added to and modified by following a set of rules.


This website chat can be accessed from both PCs and cellphones, regardless of the platform on which it is installed.


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